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UK Postage Calculator

Allows you to see the current UK prices for posting packages with the Royal Mail. The main use of this page is for people who use auction services like eBay and who need to find out quickly and easily what the various prices will be for shipping services, including international shipping etc.

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Petyr Baelish (Littlefinger) Cosplay

Have a look at my recent foray in Cosplay, Comic Con's and sewing with a little page and photos about my Petyr Baelish costume from the Game of Thrones.

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Panasonic DMR-EX75/EX85 FAQ

A list of frequently asked questions (and their answers hopefully) about the Panasonic DMR-EX75/EX85 DVD/HDD Recorders. After I got one of these I thought it needed a FAQ which was compiled from various sources.

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Keepers of Peace Comics

Just a few randomly derived scrawls about the adventures of my guildies at Keepers of Peace, in World of Warcraft.

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Morrowind Daedric Translator

This tool allows you to click the Daedric characters and will display the equivalent translated character on screen. Useful if you need to translate those difficult Daedric texts from the Morrowind Elder Scrolls games.

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Upgrading a DG824M Firmware

For those people who need to tinker about with their electronic equipment, here's my brief photo guide to how you upgrade the firmware in the inbuilt PCMCIA card of the DG824M ADSL router.

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Replacing the CMOS Battery on an Acer Travelmate 201T

A short video showing how to replace the CMOS battery in an Acer Travelmate 201T laptop - might well work in a similar way for others in the 200 series as well.

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Contact Me

Burning issue to discuss, need to let me know what you think, or just have general comments, feedback or suggestions? You can contact me via my online form (helps stop the spam!)

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